Minecraft Modding

Do you love minecraft? We love it too, so much in fact that we have created mods to extent it way beyond it's original design.

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Active Projects

  • [SMB]Wooden Buckets

    In the early game, it can be a pain to get a bucket for farming. This mod adds several wooden bucket types for storing any fluid without adding a new item id per fluid.

  • [SMB]Wooden Rails

    In the early game, it can be tricky getting into using minecarts. Especially with the high iron cost and all your machines needing that iron first. Wooden rails fixes this by adding wooden carts and tracks that are just a little slower than iron versions. Allowing for intergration of rail systems into your base without the pain of mining a lot of iron.

  • [SMB]Red Cow

    Parody of Redbull energy drinks. This mod adds a potion item in the shape of a soda can that lets you fly. It even gives you wings on your back for the lolz of it.

  • [SMB]Colored Chests

    Always hate it how you can't place double chests next to each other or figure out what chest is which. Colored chests adds a large variety of chests that support any RGB value.

  • [SBM] Bone Torch

    Light the halls with the bones of your enemies!