Minecraft Modding

Do you love Minecraft? We love it too, so much in fact that we have created mods to extend it way beyond its original design.

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Active Projects

  • ICBM

    We all have that guy up the road we just want to nuke. You know the one who keeps firing his TNT cannons thinking he is the king of war. With ICBM not only is he outmatched, you can get that wish you always wanted.

  • Addicted To Red

    When you close your eyes at night, is the only thing you can think of Redstone? Good, you've come to the right place. We too have become addicted to the power of redstone and have made it even more powerful. Giving redstone all those detectors, manipulators, and cool machines it's always needed.

  • Voltz Engine

    Tired of every mod having its own ores, ingots, gears, chips, parts, etc. We are just as tired of this problem as well so we created Voltz Engine. Well at least on our side of the modding universe. Each one of our large content mods uses Voltz engine to provide all the replicated content that every mod uses. Without each mod having the same content over and over and over again.

  • AI Improvements

    If you have ever looked at a CPU usage report for Minecraft you will notice AI code at the top. This mod adds some changes to the AI code to decrease how much CPU the code uses.

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Work in Progress Projects

Bugs are just bonuses waiting to be exploited :)

  • Assembly Line

    Miss those good old days when automation was king. When a single block and a row of pipes didn't do everything. We miss those days as well and have revived the mod assembly line to solve the issue. Assembly line is the soul of automation as it truly should have been. Using conveyor belts, robotics, and world based machines to create everything you need.

  • Armory

    Minecraft truly has a lack of weapons and armor. Even when considering the wide range of mods that have attacked the subject. Only providing replications of modern weapons or overpowered armor. With Armory, we hope to approach the subject from a different direction. Starting with a diverse upgrade and modification system for everything in the mod. Then hitting every single tech age that mankind has gone through in the real world. Followed by adding anything and everything imagined in the pages of fiction. Along with this, we want to truly add a crafting system that will make players feel like they have created a masterpiece. Not just lumping ingots into a fireplace getting a piece of a sword. No, we want the player to feel like his work was something to have pride in before stabbing a zombie.

  • Artillects

    Sometimes the world is dull and empty. With cows that go moo and zombies that are too dumb to walk. Many times we have tried to solve this with more content, better AIs, and other mods. Each time is a fix that only lasts a few days. Artillects is the solution we have been working on for a while to solve this. It introduces a robotic hive race as part of the world, not just in the world. This means that the mobs are not just dumb AIs following basic tasks. Each entity will act like a living create and interact with everything around it. This will include the player to a high extent but is not always the case. As the drones of the robotic race, they may ignore the player as yet another object in the world. Making it feel like the player is no longer the center of the world he has created. Giving a new perspective on what the world can be as the drones will build, live, and die without the player's involvement. However, when the player does get involved things can get very fun. As the Artillects were also created as a hostile challenge for all those shiny toys in the player's armory.

  • Tinker Toys

    Ah, those good old days of being in a workshop with motor oil on your hands and a creation coming to life. Oh, never had that experience well don't worry it is not a requirement. Tinker Toys is our attempt to provide the player with the chance to build robots with endless modifications.

  • Military Base Decor

    What is the point of having guns, armor, tanks, planes, missiles, and all the good old stuff in a boring base? The military base decor provides all the missing pieces to make your base look like a military base. Don't worry it is not just for looks. It provides all the defense while still giving you the exact look you want. Who knows maybe it will look so nice your enemy will not nuke you; but if it does feel safe in knowing it will outlast even the strongest of bombs.

Dead and Past Projects

These are projects that we have worked on in the past, and no longer support. If the project was created by out team we still reserve all rights. This includes the names, code, files, asserts, and anything attached to the project.

  • [RE]Resonant Engine

    Core Engine system used by Calcalvia and at one point our modding team. Around Jan 1, 2015, we cloned RE to create our own version of the engine. This action was taken to better support the needs of our modding team. The project is still ongoing and owned by Calcalvia.

  • [UE]Universal Electricity

    UE was the dream to create a universal energy system for Minecraft mods. The API was originally created by Calcalvia for ICBM. Mainly to avoid Industrial Craft 2 strict guidelines on API usage. It developed into a power system with the joint efforts of our team. However, the dream was short lived being deprecated in MC 1.7.10 in favor of creating an in-house power system for RE.

  • [RI]Resonant Induction

    Originally one of our joint projects between Calcalvia and our team. We stopped supporting the mod near the end of 2014 when our designs were conflicting with Calcalvia‘s designs too much. The mod itself adds micro brick gears, wires, and various multi-block machines. The project went on a while after our team separated from it but ended up being dropped. Some of its content can be seen in the revival of EDX.

  • [FM]Fluid Mechanics

    Fluid Mechanics was a mod created by Darkguardsman in the early days of Universal Electricity. It started as part of a project called Steam Power but split into its own mod later on. The goal was to provide all the pipe and fluid support for the UE team. As well any other mod developer that wanted pipe support without a headache. This goal never got off the ground as many mod developers didn't support the idea of dependencies. The mod also suffered several setbacks when Mechanism( a mod by Aidancbrady) replicated all the same content. Causing Fluid Mechanics to falling out of public view on the UE website. Then ending with the mod being merged into Resonant Induction in an attempt to save the content.

  • Basic Components

    Created for the UE-API as both an example and a sample machine mod. It was decommissioned after Mekanism replicated the same content. Parts of the mod merged into several mods later on when Mekanism left the UE group. Resonant induction and Resonant Engine picked up a few of these pieces. Galaticraft's machines were derived from this project when the author decided including the mod was a problem. Several other mods also include the code due to its open source nature.

  • Greater Protection

    Originally created by out asset developers, hangcow, it was picked up and support by our modding team. It was let go after our team couldn't find time to maintain the mod. Before it was let got the mod added locked chests, locked doors, electric fence, laser fence, reinforced blocks, traps, and other useful security features. There are still plans to include many pieces of its content in other mods.

  • Illus Elements

    Created by Elrath18 and hangcow this mod added colored glass and other decoration blocks to Minecraft. After several MC updates and other mods with the same idea, it was let go. With the new 1.8 updated adding colored glass the idea to revive it has been completely forgotten.

  • ICBM-Sentries

    Offical addon for ICBM that added automated and player mounted weapon platforms. Included cannon, laser, rail, and AA sentry gun. Was decommissioned during the 1.7 update of ICBM in order to spread the content into other mods. Most likely will be recreated in both Tinker toys and Artillects.

  • Guardsmen

    Created back in the beta days of MC this mod added simple NPC guards. The mod was continued up to 1.4.7 were the project files were lost. Rather than recording the project from scratch it was abandoned. Concepts from the mod will be added to Artillects, which will include the NPC, barracks, and armor systems.

  • GSM Empires

    Early attempt to create an AI driven mod aimed at creating NPC villages that could run themselves. The project was canceled but is currently being reworked as the Artillects project.

  • DarkLib

    Simple API and prefab system for mods created by our team before Resonant Engine was created. Was merged into Calclavia Core that later got renamed to Resonant Engine. Before merging it contained resonant engines early block network and content creation systems. It also includes basic ore and item generation that was similar to Resonant Engines auto-generation system.

  • Dark's Machines

    Was created as competition for mods like Mechanism, IC2, and Thermal Expansion. Before making a full release, plans were changed merging the mod into Resonant Induction. In which most of the content was scraped and used to create most of what resonant induction currently contains. There are plans to revive most of the content in a new tech mod as an alternative to mainstream tech mods.