We own a small Teamspeak 3 server provided by Akliz. Everyone is welcome to join the server as long as they follow the rules listed. Which can be found in the Rules section on TS.


Join us on Discord! We are on there regularly.

Internet Relay Chat

If you know what IRC is and how to use it fill free to chat with us. We have several channels on which are listed below.

#Artillects - channel for our Artillects mod
#bbmrequests - For requesting your mod into Modpacks
#BBM-Packs - Modpack chat room connected directly to our MC servers
#BBM-bots - channel for our build server bots
#BuiltBroken - for non Minecraft related issues
#BuiltBrokenModding - Main IRC chat room
#ICBM - channel for our ICBM mod
#MadScience - for MaxWolf's MadScience Mod

IRC Rules

Respect Everyone - this includes staff, voiced members, and normal people
Staff/Devs are not servants - don't ask for things to be done. Especially ranks, ETAs, and other tasks
Speak English - we will not ban you for this but request that you speak English in the channel

If you have an issue with our products, or suggestions use our github issue section.

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