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Volts Classic

Volts Classic

A competitive PvP oriented Modpack that contains some Single Block Mods, Xtra Biomes XL, Mekanism, Minefactory Reloaded, and more.

Volts II

Volts II

Upgrades to the original Volts Modpack designed around fast-paced technological combat.


Additect to Red

Addicted to Red

Includes entity detectors, selection detectors, a chat block, a chat detector and a sound block.

Additect to Red

Assembly Line

Inserters and rail objects such as loaders, rotators, splitters and more.


Basic Industry

Furnace tiers, machine cores and tons of modules for dynamic creations and functionality.


Come Closer

Sneak up on your opponents without revealing your name through walls or while sneaking.



Destroy your enemies with various explosions from distances.


ICBM Classic

The legacy for the die-hard fans of ICBM.


Modular Force Field System

Project force fields around your base. Upgrade your capacitors and generators to kill enemies on site.


Military Base Decor

Miltary blocks styles for base decorations.


Single Block Mods

Cardboard Boxes

Moving out?

Wooden Rails


Bone Torch

Light on a bone.

Wooden Buckets

Don't use lava.

Oil Ore

Mine the power.

Bagable Plants

Env. Friendly.

Wooden Shears

Quicker trims.

Helm Bucket

Noggin in use.

Grappling Hook

Swing around.

Cacti Bucket

Be careful.

Magic Mirror

Escape caves.

Colored Chests

Store in style.
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