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The plan

Date: 9/15/2016

I noted this on YouTube and Twitter a while back that I have a new plan. As well I have a new deal for you, the users, that should make you all happy. I will not be leaving modding right away. Yes, I know I said I would be leaving but here is what I mean. I will not leave until A. I find a replacement B. All mods are updated to 1.10 C. Everything is in a nice shape before I leave. As well if you, the users, can keep up downloads & donations I will stick around. Basically, I will consider donations from you, the users, as hiring me to keep working on my mods. The more donations I get the longer I will work per week on the mods, up to 50 hours a week. Right now I will be putting in 15-20 hours a week until all the projects are updated.

Outside of the deal, I have a plan for getting all the mods rolling out the door faster. To start with the plan per project list that I posted when I said I would quit is subject to modification. Some changes will include Assembly Line which is now set for alpha release this week. It hurts to die will be continued for Voltz and may be released next year. The Armory mod will be continued and progress will start next week. The expected released date is here in 2-3 weeks depending on how long it takes to write. Sentry guns and Tinker Toys are no longer canceled but are on hold until they can be designed. More changes will be announced as I work on the mods. If you want to stay updated with progress follow me on YouTube where I will be releasing nearly daily tech demos as I work, Imgur where I will be posting information on updates, or Twitter where I will announce changes.

Work plan

Bellow is my work plan and is subject to change. Dates are the start of the week unless its a release date.

  • 11/6 - Rail system
  • 11/6 - Assembly line revive
  • 11/11 - ICBM Version Release
  • 11/11 - Assembly Line Alpha Release
  • 11/13 - Armory Mod
  • 11/20 - Armory Mod
  • 11/27 - Basic Industries
  • 12/2 - Armory Alpha Release
  • 12/4 - Basic Industries
  • 12/9 - Basic Industries Alpha Release
  • 12/11 - Bug Fixing
  • 12/18 - Voltz 2.0 Alpha

A new direction

Date: 9/15/2016

Over the next year I'm going to slowly step down as the head developer of BBM. I will still remain with the organization as long as it exists. However, I will be taking a less active role in what the organization does each day. This has been the plan since I created the origanazation from the start.

When I created the organization the dream was to build a community driven company. Where the users would run the show from start to finish. With only a small group of head developers ensuring the entire thing doesn't burn down. Even though I don't feel the organization is too this point yet. I am going to work towards letting others run the organization. I feel this is the right move to make and will allow me to focus on my other projects. As well as allow the organization to grow and depend on me less to keep it functioning.

  • Now here is how the plan is going to break down for this to happen
  • A) Finish our current projects
    I do not plan to leave anything in an unfinished or unstable state. I will continue to work on all projects until I belieave they are out of beta. However, I will not be updating to newer versions of Minecraft at this time. I will leave this up to other developers in the organization to handle. As I am no longer going to hand hold any of our interns.
  • B) Find more developers and build up a knowledge/training document pool
    Right now we only have about 5-7 solid members in the organization. The rest just pop in once in a while and try to help out. This mean me and a few others will be working towards recruiting more staff members. As well building up a really solid set of training and procedure documents for people to follow. After all even though the ogranization will be community run it will function like a company. Meaning all staff members will be trained and expected to do there jobs well.
  • C) Setup our forum
    In order for the organization to be community run a forum will be created. This will allow users to talk to developer and work out plans for the future. This will also include a way to promote users to position and include a solid staff structure. This way random users can't gain access to important feature in order to steal information or destroy the community.
  • D) Design the Empire Engine
    The entire reason for me stepping down is so I can work on my own game. Also know as the Empire Engine, which is going to be designed as a modding platform for game developers. In which games are build and designed in the same way modpacks are designed.
  • E) Build Prototypes
    Before anything is finalized the prototype needs to be a success. If it fails then I will most likely return to being more active in modding again. After all I need something to allow my creativity to flow threw. If it is not a game then modding is the next best option.
  • Plan per project:
  • AI Improvements: [Continue]
  • Addicted to Red: [Continue]
  • AMPz: [Continue]
  • Artillects: [Cancled]
  • Armory: [Canceled but might be simplified instead]
  • Atomic Science: [On Hold, waiting on redesign]
  • Basic Industries: [On Hold, waiting on redesign]
  • Deep Dark Below: [On hold]
  • Hertz: [On hold]
  • ICBM: [Til death do us part]
    • Autocrafting: [Continue]
    • Warhead Station: [Continue]
    • Large Missile: [On hold]
    • Medium Missile: [On hold]
    • Space Addon: [On hold]
  • It Hurts to Die: [Cancled]
  • Madscience: [Return to author]
  • OHMz: [Continue]
  • Playable Races: [Cancled]
  • Sentry Guns: [Cancled]
  • Single Block Mod Series: [Continue]
  • Tinker Toys: [Cancled]
  • Voltz: [Continued to spite Technic Team]
  • Watch Your Step: [Cancled]
  • Anything missing will be covered later

Keep in mind even if we cancel a project BBM still hold ownership of the intellectual property, binary, design, code, and anything else related to the project. As well these plans are subject to change without warning or notice. Some canceled projects may be continued, redesigned, or merged by other members of the organization. It entirely depends on what everyone else is willing to do in order to keep things going. I myself have marked these projects as canceled as I was the only driving force behind them.

By: Darkguardsman

Akliz Father day sale

Date: 6/15/2016

Sale is over. Thanks for your participation!

By: Dmodoomsirius

Akliz Sale

Date: 5/6/2016

Akliz sale is over. Thanks to all who participated

By: Dmodoomsirius

ICBM Improvements

Date: Apr 27, 2016

ICBM’s release is delayed and we are pushing to release a stable release now any day now. Until we release, there will be nightly unstable releases so you can keep track of the development working towards the stable version. The mod is in very good shape, but bugs have been found which is delaying the release.

We also might be working on a new ocean pack, we’ll keep you posted.

By: Green_Cafe

ICBM Stable Release

Date: Apr 20, 2016

ICBM is on schedule for a stable release at the end of the week. The update should include the remote launching and warhead crafting systems.

With the stable release, we are open to more modpacks using ICBM. If you’re interested in using any of BBM’s mods in your pack, please make your requests here. Make sure to also follow our modpack rules listed here.

We are looking into someone who has offered to update MFFS to 1.7.10 in collaboration with the BBM team. Once everything is official the mod will be updated for 1.7.10. When we get more news about the update and release data we will be sure to share it with you.

By: Green_Cafe

New Modpack!

Date: Apr 13, 2016

Just like last week, no developer updates will be released. This is because Dark is still busy with college work, but expresses development will continue next week.

Dmod has recently finished initial work on the Ohms modpack and has moved it into alpha testing. The modpack can be downloaded on the Curse launcher for testing and feedback is very much appreciated.

Ohms: !!!!Resist the voltage!!!!.

There use to be a time when wonder and adventure were the kings of gameplay. A time before gears and transformers ruled the world, when monsters and magic were all that existed.

Ohms, in concept, is a preservation of the magic era. Avoiding the common standard that every modpack needs technology in it.

By: Green_Cafe

Progress and Delays

Date: Apr 6, 2016

Progress has been slow on the mods this week due to college finals for the primary developer of ICBM. Most likely unstable releases will not be made Friday. Instead work will be focused on polishing ICBM and starting development on Artillects. This is planned for alpha release in late May.

Last week’s stable release for ICBM has been delayed. The new release date has been changed to April 22nd, avoiding rushing a release. This will allow for some additional features to be added. Including a lot of needed bug fixing, and polish work that was missed last week.

Our main asset developer, Morton, is back from being MIA due to school work. He has already started on several new additions. Including a new Anti-Missile turret, updated models, and new missiles. As long as he sticks around, you can expect a lot of new content over the next few weeks.

By: BBM Team

New and Updated Packs

Date: Mar 25, 2016

Akliz, a server hosting company, will be running a sale from 26th of Marth to 1st of April. Using the code BBM50 you can get 50% off your first month.

By: BBM Team

New and Updated Packs

Date: Mar 23, 2016

First off, we have some exciting news: We have released a new pack, Fallen Kingdom, on Curse. Geared around building kingdoms and engaging in NPC interaction. This pack will eventually feature the long awaited Artilects mod. Which is cored around giving NPCs life beyond automated tools.

As always we will be continuing our work on Volts, Ohms, and Amps. We hope to get these packs released as soon as possible. However, we are still waiting on key missing pieces before completion.

Per usual, we will be releasing new unstable versions for all of our active projects. This way testing can be done before a stable release. Which is currently planned for the end of the month; Unless any major issues are presented within the project.

BBM Curseforge
By: BBM Team

ICBM Update and Ads

Date: Mar 17, 2016

Sometime this week we will be pushing an update for ICBM. This update will include Missile Health, AMS, and a Friend or Foe system. So get ready for that!

Within the coming weeks the Built Broken website (builtbroken.com or builtbroken.net) will be switching Advertisement Providers. We will be moving from adf.ly to adfoc.us. We are moving providers because of monetary issues, our current provider isn’t making enough money to continue to support our services for the long run. We hope that this change will improve the situation so we can continue to provide all of our current services and hopefully add more. This change in Ad Providers will not affect any of our users in any way, this is just an update for you on our backend environment to continue our idea of transparency!

We will also be adding just a few more ads around the site to improve monetary income. These ads will not get in anyone’s way, this is simply an addition to our side and banner ads.

Thanks everyone for your amazing support of Built Broken and Built Broken Modding!

By: Green_Cafe